Born and raised in the bayou town of Galliano in south east Louisiana, my interest in art was sparked at an early age. I started painting when I was about 11 or 12 years old and my interest and talent only grew once I was in high school. My passion for art carried over to a desire to learn the craft of tattooing. I labored for many hours at the local food store to save enough money to buy my first tattoo machine and equipment at the age of 16. I researched and learned about procedures and techniques, and basically taught myself the beginning skills of the trade. After 2 years of self learning I contacted Bobby Pitre, the local tattoo artist and owner of Southern Sting, who took me in and helped refine and tighten my skills. I started out as a shop hand under an informal apprenticeship. Only after a few months I became a full time artist.

When I'm not working I paint. My projects consist of mostly oil paintings and the subjects are realistic in style. Even though I am capable of executing many diverse tattooing styles, I prefer working on anything with a realistic twist. My favorite pieces to work on are portraits, my own neo-traditional designs, and dark imagery.

I now travel and work various conventions in and out of the state. For the future I look forward to burying myself in the trade, putting myself out there into the industry,continuing to learn and absorb as much information about the skill, and becoming a more proficient artist.